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The Chinese wealth management industry might have the real kick-off after experiencing the market revolution, crisis, shuffle and new performers these two years. And the global private and family wealth performers are also searching for stability and innovation in growth.
However, it is not as stable as we expect in macro economy, regulation and clients categories: the COVID-19 happened in early 2020 has affected public hygiene, economy, finance and consumption market globally and prompted many private and family wealth management companies to sharpen their business modules, accelerate the online operation development, focus more on clients' insights and turn to internal organic growth. As the wealth managers prioritize superior HNWIs' experience, they are adopting methods like holistic offerings, AI solutions and client-driven services. All the WM performers and HNWIs are facing the new volatility and challenges. Clients will value their wealth and assets in safety, cash flow, risk resistance and etc. Their reaction after COVID-19 is also the reflection of WM performers' evolution and vision.
Having run the WEALTH APAC for 5 years, we are witnessing the rise and fall and every wave in the wealth management market. As a neutral, independent and trusted partner for all performers in PWM&FWM, WEALTH APAC is always committed to "Connecting Global Wealth". Leveraging the annual awards, forums and private roundtable for CEOs, WEALTH APAC has gathered more and more industry professionals, executives and KOLs. It has been an acknowledged, resourceful and innovative event for all WM performers.
As one flagship brand of WEALTH APAC, International Private & Family Wealth Management Awards 2020 will be launched in June and announced the winners in December. It is well-organized for PWM&FWM performers to compete and communicate for improving the state of WM industry APAC.


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