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Key Issues
Wealth APAC 2019 Key Issues

[Opening Remarks] How To Describe The Market: Being More Rational Or Facing More Difficulties?
[Industry & Market] Trends For Wealth Management & Intelligent Transition
[Industry & Market] Key Trends In China Asset Management Market
[Investment & Insights] ESG Investment Strategy & Potentials In China & APAC
[Wealth Talkshow] Managing Public Opinions In Wealth Management Industry
[Keynote Speech] Latest Research Of China Domestic Family Offices
[Spotlight On APAC] Main Strategies & Challenges For Private Banking & Wealth Management Industry In The Next Decade
[Panel Discussion] What Should Wealth Management Performers Do To Invest In Uncertainty And Volatility With HNWIs
[Panel Discussion] Investment Strategies For Family Offices' Growth
[Brain Storming] New Definition Of SERVICE For Family Wealth Management Industry
[Private Roundtable 1] Value Proposition & Growth Strategy For Family Offices & FWM Industry
[Private Roundtable 2] Operation Strategies & Roundtable For Private Banks CEOs
Wealth APAC 2018 Key Issues

○ Redefine China Wealth Management Industry & New Business Model
○ What Is Ahead Of Private Banking When Facing More Opportunities & Challenges?
○ Economy·Business·Family
○ How To Avoid Risks In Capital Markets Under The Background Of Global Asset Allocation
○ Opportunities In Asian Emerging Markets & How Does China Integrate And Upgrade Industries
○ Understanding Sustainability Investment & ESG Integration
○ Family Office: the mission, career and goal for wealth management practitioners
○ Is Family Office Just a Family Office Or The Asset Of A Family?
○ The Challenges Ahead Of Chinese Family Business
○ Family Succession Plan With Framework
○ Impact of Family Trust on Matrimonial Properties and Proceedings In Hong Kong
○ New Money With New Business Environment
○ [Interaction] Clients Profile & The Innovative Marketing Plans
○ Roundtable I: The Future Of Family Wealth Management Industry
○ Roundtable II: Operation Strategies | Business Roundtable For Private Banks CEOs
○ Roundtable III: Products & Services 3.0 Under New Regulation
Wealth APAC 2017 Key Issues

○ Remarks: Finance Led By Real Economy, Future Driven By Technology
○ Remarks: Create A More Diversified & Effective Wealth Management Market
○ Wealth Talk: The Potentials, Prospects & Challenges In The Global Emerging Markets
○ Keynote Speech: Which Factors Will Affect Future Development In Wealth Management Industry?
○ Spotlight On APAC: Is Wealth Management Market in APAC Experiencing an Evolution or a Revolution?
○ Strategic Discussing: Seeking New Opportunities In APAC Off-Shore Market
○ Keynote Speech: Future Of China Private Banking & Wealth Management Industry
○ Keynote Speech: Transition In China Domestic Wealth Management From The Perspective Of Investment
○ Keynote Speech: Exploring New Opportunities In Wealth Management By Serving Substantial Economy
○ Brainstorming: Jointly Create The Eco-system For Private Wealth Management
○ Wealth Talkshow: The Innovation In The Era Of Wealth Management 4.0 & The Discussion Of “Wealth Plus”
  • When Private Banking Meets Charity
  • Why “Customer Loyalty Program” Is The Key For Institutions To Maintain Relationship With HNW Clients
  • Innovation In Citizenship Planning With Finance: How To Provide A Flexible Wealth Management Solution For Global HNW Clients?
  • The Latest Risks HNWIs Might Face Under New Regulations In 2017
○ Keynote Speech: The Family Legacy With Culture & Value
○ Market Insight: Women & Wealth: The Case For A Customized Approach
○ Keynote Speech: Family Succession Solution For Family Office Clients
○ Panel Discussion: The Direct Investment By Family Offices
○ Private Round Table For APAC Family Office CEOs
  • Strategic Discussing: Managing Sustainable Relationship Between MFOs, Shareholders & Clients
  • Wealth Talkshow: Family Trust & Family Office
  • Brainstorm: Be A more responsible investor—A Discussion About The Family Philanthropy Structure
  • Panel Discussion: Understanding the New Generation Group and Their Culture
Wealth APAC 2016 Key Issues

○ Opening Remarks: Local Competition and Internationalization of China Wealth Management Industry
○ Market Reporting: Latest Development In China Private Banking Industry
○ Keynote Speech: Which Could Help HNWIs More In Investing?
○ Spotlight on APAC: The Latest Trends of Wealth Management in APAC
○ Strategic Discussing: Private Wealth Management 2020—Less Investment & More Production
○ Market Insight: Asset Management & Wealth Management Industry Under The Wave of Fintech
○ Brainstorming: What Products and Services Do Private Banks and Wealth Management Institutions Wish to Develop or Even Cooperate With the Third Parties?
○ Panel Debate: A Clear Definition on The Role of RMs in Current Private Banks and Wealth Management Institutions
○ Panel Debate: The Most Appropriate Pricing Mode for Private Wealth Management Industry to Achieve Win-Win situation
○ Brainstorming: The Development and Innovation of Non-Financial Service (Value-added Service) in Private Wealth Management
○ Wealth APAC - International Private Wealth Management China Awards Ceremony 2016
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