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Global private wealth is growing slowly due to volatility in financial market caused by unpredictable politics, adjustment in world economy and low increase in international trade. But according to several authorized wealth reports issued by global consulting institutions, the growth rate of private wealth in Asia during these 5 years will also be No.1.
In China, new HNWIs, benefiting from “Internet +”, have been rising in recent years. They are younger and generate wealth faster than traditional entrepreneurs, which requires private banks and all wealth management performers to innovate service models. Besides, institutions have to provide new strategies in wealth succession and asset allocation which are both priorities to (U)HNWIs and their families when facing shortage of asset, low interest rate and stringent foreign exchange policies.
Meanwhile, the global wealth management industry is undergoing the digital revolution, disruptive innovation in business model and waves of M&A. So how will China domestic private and family wealth management performers respond the challenges and opportunities brought by the trends above?
Thus, as one flagship brand of Wealth APAC, International Private Wealth Management Forum & China Awards 2017 leveraging the latest issues of innovative products and service model, strategic development trends under a more open capital market and industry benchmarks with new period of private wealth and family wealth succession, will be launched in March, 2017.
Organized by WEALTH Magazine, IPWM China Awards 2017 are focused around main category groupings: individual, team/organization, products/service. The organizing committee of Wealth APAC will award to some outstanding wealth management performers and institutions with great products, innovative service models or comprehensive asset allocation resolutions. Also, the forum section, gathering famous industry leaders and experts, is a great opportunity to share ideas, discover trends and network with peers across the Asian-Pacific wealth industry. The forum and awards ceremony will be held in September 12, 2017.


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