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The Asian high net worth individuals are becoming more astute about financial planning after being educated for many years. Now they are seeking for the wealth management industry performers that could be armed with more excellent services. Therefore, does the blooming market equal to the increasing opportunities?
From the position of the industry, the wealth management performers are faced with more challenges such as stricter regulations and technology issues like AI, block chain, big data and etc. Thus, it is critical for them to upgrade the client service models as well as to innovate the operation models that would help them to stand still in the intense competition. As many professionals say, the whole industry will be possibly “re-defined” in the context of technology and the transformation of business eco-system.
On the HNWIs front, clients, the majority of whom are entrepreneurs , are experiencing the changeable investment environment: adjusted policies from central banks, booming equity market and opportunities in the emerging markets. So for those who are family business owners, the new period of economy will prompt them to bring about new business ideas and make new judgement. It is not only the wealth management performers’ duty to make a perfect plan for client, but also family business owners themselves’ impetus to manage the family capital and the societal capital better than before.
In brief, we tend to believe that the industry or the market needs more cooperation right now.
Thus, as one flagship brand of Wealth APAC, International Private Wealth Management Forum & China Awards 2018 leveraging the latest issues of innovative products and service model, strategic development trends under a more open capital market and industry benchmarks with new period of private wealth and family wealth succession, will be launched in April, 2018.
Organized by WEALTH Magazine, IPWM China Awards 2018 are focused around main category groupings: individual, team/organization, products/service. The organizing committee of Wealth APAC will award to some outstanding wealth management performers and institutions with great products, innovative service models or comprehensive asset allocation resolutions. Also, the forum section, gathering famous industry leaders and experts, is a great opportunity to share ideas, discover trends and network with peers across the Asian-Pacific wealth industry. The forum and awards ceremony will be held in September 13, 2018.


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